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Canine Cancer Home Care Options


42 Rules to Fight Dog Cancer - 19.95

Help Your Dog Fight Cancer

The new book by Aimee Quemuel – very informative and required reading for anyone facing cancer in your K9 companion. This is a book about the successes in dog cancer treatment. Very worthwhile for informing yourself about the options and to keep in mind that there is a very good chance for successful treatment outcome. With today’s advances in dog cancer treatment more and more dogs are recovering from the cancer and going on to lead normal healthy lives – to their full expected lifespan. We highly recommend this book!


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The Dog Cancer Survival Guide- $29.95

Help Your Dog Fight Cancer

The Second edition of Dr. Damian Dressler's landmark book on the care and treatment for dogs with cancer. This is the most comprehensive treatment of this subject to date, and sure to become THE standard reference book for treating canine cancers. All types of cancers are covered in depth, and all treatment modalities are thoroughly explored,
including all the standard chemotherapy, radiation and surgical options as well as the various alternative and complementary treatment options available today. Normally selling for $34.95, we feel so strongly about providing this info to our clients that we are offering you a special price of just $29.95. More than 450 pages of the latest info on helping YOUR dog to overcome the cancer challenge. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book for anyone facing cancer in a loved family member.


Help Your Dog Fight Cancer - $19.95

Dog Cancer BookHere is the book you have been looking for. This is a comprehensive reference for all the things you can do to best take care of your dog with cancer.

1) Diet
2) Choosing your Medical team
3) Various chemo options
4) When to treat, when not to
5) Complications

...and lots more

a Must Read!

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Laurie Kaplan has written this wonderful book about her struggle with her dog Bullet's cancer. Laurie was the editor of a pet magazine when Bullet was diagnosed with lymphoma - one of the worst possible forms of cancer in dogs. She refused to give up and started to research every possible option to help him overcome this terrible death sentence. Well, to make a long story short, Bullet made it. The cancer went into remission and stayed that way for 4 years. Eventually he passed on at the age of 13 years, a normal lifespan for his breed.

Here is the story of Laurie and Bullet's fight against cancer. It covers everything that they went through, and what she learned learned along the way about beating this disease. She has been so gracious as to write it all down and share it with the rest of us who are going through this same fight. Please take time to read this book to learn all the things you can do to help your dog fight cancer. We highly recommend this book to anyone who has a dog with cancer. You owe it to your companion to help him or her fight the battle, with all the power and all the knowledge you can gather. Here in this book is an outline of how to do just that. Thank You Laurie for sharing this with the rest of us.


Preventing and Treating Cancer in Dogs - $15.95

canine cancer bookNew Book by Dr. Shawn Messonnier, DVM.

All the technical information about the various opitons for treating cancer in dogs. This book is a valuable resource for veterinarians or anyone who wants to help their dog fight canine cancer.

Preventing and Treating Cancer in Dogs by Dr. Shawn Messonnier is a more technical book on canine cancer treatment that we really like.

Dr. Messonnier has written this excellent book on canine cancer that will be the standard reference for years to come. Here is a book technical enough to be invaluable to the practicing vet, yet clear enough for the average person to understand. We highly reccommend this book to anyone wishing to understand the treatments used, and all the other options in fighting dog cancer. Canine cancer treatment is changing so rapidly that it is hard to keep up with all the latest research.

Many vets who went through school even just a few years ago are not familiar with immune modulation therapy or other developing cancer treatments, and may benefit from this book. If you want to give your vet a gift he or she will cherish, here is one that would certainly be appreciated. This may be the best $15.95 you ever spend. At least your dog will think so!

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